In this corner …

Having attended last week’s lecture by Raya Dunayeiskaya at Sandburg Auditorium, we find ourselves faced with a question: Why do such events so often become a battle between left and right rather than an open exchange of information and ideas?

The speaker, an author and Marxist philosopher, is entitled to her opinions, but must she present them in such an antagonistic manner? And must some audience members react with such vehemence in their opposing statements and questions?

We went to the lecture to learn more about Marxism, and the speaker’s interpretations of it. We were treated, instead, to a name-calling display by opposing political forces who came to the lecture with closed minds and pre-formed opinions.

Another question: Why did Jim Fabris feel it necessary to listen to the speaker from the stage rather than sit in the audience? Perhaps the presence of the other individual on stage was necessary; the speaker did seem to have some trouble with her microphone and in hearing the audience’s questions. Jim Fabris, however, contributed nothing more than a brief, self-serving announcement which could have been made with just a few short steps to the microphone.

Fabris’ actions make us wonder if the JLS exists solely to gain Northern Star photo coverage for its leader.

Steven Fuerst

Deborah Haugh

graduate students

journalism and art