Former student shows signs of recovery

By M. Michelle Byrne

A former NIU student is showing signs of recovery after being seriously injured last October in a fight on the corner of Russell Road and Lucinda Avenue.

Jeffery Voo, 22, of Flossmoor, was seriously injured after a fight with his former roommate, NIU student Joseph Smith. According to witnesses, Voo collapsed during the fight. He was not breathing and had no pulse and heartbeat when paramedics arrived. Although paramedics were able to resuscitate him, Voo did not regain consciousness.

Jeffery’s father, David Voo, said his son has greatly improved during the last two months. “We are very encouraged,” he said. He said Jeffery no longer needs the life support system which kept him alive after the incident and said he now is able to talk and can move his left arm and hand. He said his son can remember things in the past, but is having difficulty with his short-term memory.

David Voo said Jeffery currently is at Colonial Manor Nursing Center, a convalescent home in LaGrange. “Some of his friends have visited him,” David Voo said. Visiting hours at Colonial Manor are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, he said.

Although Jeffery’s condition has improved greatly, Karen Voo, his older sister, said he technically is not out of his coma. She said doctors still consider him to be in the coma because he needs “maximum assistance.”