Cubs fans special

On April 8, a letter appeared in The Northern Star by Raymond C. Ruether criticizing a column by Dan Moran in which he poured his heart out proclaiming his devotion to the Chicago Cubs. Ruether’s main complaint was Moran’s comment that “being a Cub fan involves the heart above the mind. That’s what puts Cub fans above Sox fans.”

Well, Ray, I believe you took this comment a bit too personally. In your letter, it sounds as if the entire column was aimed at putting Cub fans over Sox fans. I’m afraid you drastically missed the point. I believe the main issue was simply a warm tribute to the Cubs and how they have fit into his life, not a petty “our guys are better than your guys” statement. Don’t turn something positive into something negative—that column warmed the hearts of many faithful Cub fans at NIU, only to be spoiled by a sour Sox fan.

Your letter was also hypocritical. You criticize the author for putting down Sox fans, and then you proceed to say “die-hard refers to two things: a car battery from Sears or a Cub fan.” Come on, Ray. Be serious.

Cub fans are special in their own way. They share a certain bond along with a great many heartaches. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Moran on a superb column. Thank you for warming my heart and reminding me of the really good things in life.

Lori A. Messineo