Drs. find man OK for court

Two psychiatrists’ reports have indicated a 19-year-old DeKalb man charged with murder and three counts of sexual assault is mentally competent to stand trial.

At a competency hearing for Matthew Reimann Monday in DeKalb County Court, the state and the defense each submitted a report by psychiatrists who interviewed Reimann. The reports indicated Reimann, who is charged with the Aug. 24 stabbing death of his neighbor, Sharon Rollins, is mentally competent.

“Although there are some differences, they (the reports) are basically in agreement,” Reimann’s attorney Francis Mays said. Assistant State’s Attorney Mike Coglhan said the state waived cross examination of the psychiatrists because the reports’ findings were similar.

The reports were submitted to DeKalb County Circuit Court Judge John Leifeit, who said he will make a formal ruling on Reimann’s competency after reading them. However, Leifeit said his ruling probably would concur with the opinions of the psychiatrists and he will set a possible date for Reimann’s trial.

If Leifeit finds Reimann competent, his trial will be held Aug. 31. State’s Attorney Phil DiMarzio earlier indicated the state will seek the death penalty against Reimann.