Hoagland, Powell win student wards

By Louise Koryta and Lisa Taylor

NIU student Chris Hoagland won the 1st Ward aldermanic slot in Tuesday’s election, while the 87 percent student-populated 7th Ward will be represented by Mark Powell, who is not an NIU student.

oagland squeaked by challenger David Napoli by 35 votes in the ward, which includes Greek Row. Hoagland captured 133 of the 301 votes, or 55.8 percent.

Twenty-year-old Hoagland said she always knew the election would be close because she and Napoli had the same stance on many of the issues. “The students finally differentiated between David and I, and they picked the student they wanted to represent them,” she said.

oagland, who will take office May 1 along with the other new aldermen, said her first concern is to see Huskie Buses continue running in the Greek Row area. She said, “The bus and road repair will come up first. What happens Monday will decide where the issue goes from there.”

Another of Hoagland’s goals is to use DeKalb’s status as a home-rule city to lower the minimum age of admission into bars from 21 to 19 years of age. She said, “The residents of my ward are interested in it. I have to concern myself in what they’re interested in.”

oagland, an accounting major and member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, has served on the Student Association for three years as a senator and a member of the SA Academic Affairs Committee. She said she will continue to be involved in the SA.

In the 7th Ward, Powell, former program director of WLBK, received 90 votes while challenger Dulari Tikoo received 29. Write-in candidate SA Speaker Karen Seymour received 73 votes.

Among Powell’s plans for the ward, which includes most of NIU’s residence halls, are acquiring a new fleet of Huskie Buses and ensuring the routes remain open. “I think a negotiated settlement will come very soon with the SA and the City Council,” he said.

Tikoo said, “I feel very concerned about social services with Powell in office.” She said Powell is not concerned with social services and student-oriented issues. “I would feel better if Karen Seymour won,” she said. Seymour could not be reached for comment.

Incumbent Bill Hanna was re-elected to his third term as 3rd Ward alderman Tuesday by beating challenger Susannah Blake 286-174, or 62.16 percent.

Some of Hanna’s plans include street repair and keeping the city within budget. He is a supporter of tax increment financing and wants to use this money for rebuilding and getting “some of the old buildings and factories back on the tax rolls so they will be an asset to the city and the people,” he said.

Blake said, “If I attend the same meetings (over the next four years) as Mr. Hanna, I may not have an actual vote but I will know just as much as he does. I plan on running again so he will know there is at least one concerned constituent (in this ward).”

In the 5th Ward, Bessie Chronopoulos will continue as alderman. Chronopoulos, who has served the ward for 12 years, ran unopposed in the election.