Marxist writer lectures on youth

By Ginger Riehle

Maya Dunayevskaya, a Marxist humanist writer, will speak of today’s youth and the youth of the 1960s at Carl Sandburg auditorium on April 13 at 7 p.m.

The speech is entitled, “Youth of the 1980s, Youth of the 1960s, the Other America and the Idea of Freedom.” It is sponsored by CAB, the John Lennon Society, University Resources for Women and the sociology, philosophy and history departments.

Kevin Anderson, assistant professor of sociology and a colleague of Dunayevskaya, said she is an internationally known feminist writer who has written four books including a 1985 work, “Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution.”

Anderson said she was born in Russia and was secretary to Leon Trotsky from 1937-38. She also has written about various Black, anti-war and youth movements.

Anderson said there is as much or more student activism at NIU than any other place in the country. He said he thinks there is a new generation of students which seems to be more active, even high school students. He said Dunayevskaya is interested in coming to a campus where there is activism.

“Dunayevskaya is perhaps the most interesting and creative radical theorist writing today. Her work combines intellectual rigor with a passionate commitment to social change,” he said. “Most radical theorists are men, and that makes her especially interesting.”

Anderson said Dunayevskaya’s work on Hegel and Marx has influenced his own work as a sociologist.

Jim Fabris of the John Lennon Society said Dunayevskaya will be stressing the humanistic elements of Marx’s writing. He said he thinks it will be a good lecture.

“I think a lot of people don’t understand Marxism. They think it involves international conspiracy. This is far from the truth,” he said.

Fabris said he thinks people should attend because it will give them a better understanding of Marxism and Communism. He said it also will help people understand the differences between communist thinkers.

“I hope people come so we can discuss it as a group afterwards. It would be good to have some creative dialogue and hear some different ideas,” Fabris said.

He said the racial problems that have occurred at NIU are another good reason for people to attend the lecture, since Dunayevskaya will most likely address that topic.