Work on parking

The NIU Parking Division is an absolute disgrace. How much clearer can we students make it? There is in no way enough parking spaces available to students to handle the large amount of student-owned vehicles on this campus.

So, in turn, when a student encounters three, four, or even five lots allocated for student use to be full, the student is forced to park “illegally,” allowing those infamous “meter maids” to slap a ticket on the windshield, costing the student $20 a shot. Give me a break. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a solution. The Parking Division and NIU obviously have their priorities in an order that doesn’t benefit the student. I feel if you are going to take my money and give me a sticker for my vehicle, you also owe me a parking space, which you are depriving me and other students of. The newly created lo, just northeast of Grant Towers North, wasn’t such a bad job, boys. Maybe now you can create a few more to handle the needs of students who operate vehicles on campus.

Bill Mahon