Need team spirit

Recently I attended a meeting which I thought would be helpful and beneficial to the community north of Hillcrest—the city council meeting which discussed the future of buses in the north Greek Row area. But as I sat there, I realized I wasn’t listening to six councilpersons and concerned citizens discussing a problem, but three narrow-minded children giving their scenarios of how they got to school when they were young; how we have no money; and another with a silly grin conveying to us their mind is made up. What do these three have in common? I know. They just don’t feel this issue is important enough to find a real solution. I’m sorry but you guys and girls really copped out on this one. There are solutions to this problem, and that does not include stopping buses running in the north Greek Row area. That is avoiding the problem. I feel that as a council you should put all your resources together. You’re a team, not individual players. Let’s pull together and find a reasonable solution. I know I’m racking my brains to think of one. Maybe you could do the same. Everyone else should also. First the north Greek Row area, what next? Help them out.

Michael Trapani


coms studies