Univ. limits transfer admissions

By Suzanne Tomse

Transfer student applications to NIU for the fall of 1987 will not be accepted after June 15 due to limited resources and an increase in applications.

As of Feb. 19, transfer applications increased 13.6 percent since last year. Although the percentage of increase dropped to 7.4 on March 19, NIU’s institutional research office projects transfer enrollments would be above NIU’s target.

“We are looking for a transfer enrollment of about 2,000 students,” said Robert Burke, associate director of admissions. He said as of April 2, about 3,500 transfer students have applied and about 1,800 have been accepted. Although about 4,000 transfer students will be accepted, only about half that number will attend NIU, Burke said.

Director of Admissions Daniel Oborn said community college counselors are being given specific information about the enrollment restrictions. He said interested transfer students should contact their counselors for more detailed information about how the application deadline might affect their college plans.

Burke said students must have their applications in by June 15 and those who apply by the deadline have until Aug. 1 to establish eligibility for admission and to complete their files. In addition, students who are eligible for provisional admission with 30 semester hours of transferable credit have until Aug. 21 to submit a final transcript verifying successful completion of required English, math and speech courses. Burke stressed that transfer students must complete the 30 hours and the skill course requirements by Aug. 1 in order to be eligible for admission.

This is the second time NIU has set an early deadline for transfer applications. Transfer admissions also were cut-off in 1981, Burke said.

“This is better for our on-campus students. There will be more classes available for them,” Burke said.

NIU discontinued freshman admissions on Feb. 2 due to the same reasons for halting transfer admissions, which include limited resources, an increase in the number of applications and an increase in the number of students who already have been accepted, Burke said.

e said if students have any questions about transfer admissions they can contact the admissions office at 753-0446.