Phone call spurs police inquest

By Paul Wagner

DeKalb Police are investigating a phone call between a newly-elected alderman and one of his defeated opponents.

DeKalb Police Sergeant Charles Kross said police are investigating a phone call between 7th Ward Alderman Mark Powell and Dulari Tikoo, who lost to Powell in the April 7 aldermanic election. Kross would not comment further about the investigation.

Tikoo told The Northern Star that she took offense to a phone call from Powell, which she said took place Thursday at 7 p.m. Tikoo said she notified police after the call.

Powell said he called Tikoo Thursday to ask her if a statement attributed to her by the Star was correct. He said Tikoo told him she did make the statement.

Powell said he did not say anything that might be considered offensive in the conversation which followed. He said a witness was with him when he made the call and would verify that he did not say anything offensive. He did not name the witness.

Wednesday the Star quoted Tikoo as saying, “I feel very concerned about social services with Powell in office.” The Star also stated, “She (Tikoo) said Powell is not concerned with social services.”

Tikoo said Powell introduced himself on the phone as being affiliated with the Star before asking her if she made the statement. She said he did not introduce himself as the alderman until after she admitted making the statement.

Tikoo said she and Powell discussed political differences. She said the conversation became “harsh” and she was offended.

Powell said he did not introduce himself as a Star employee. “That’s totally untrue,” he said.

Powell said Tikoo and Karen Seymour, who also ran against him in the April 7th election, “were very upset at me winning.” He also said, “Anything they have to say is political sour grapes.”

“I did not say what she said I said. You’re (the Star) going to get a lawsuit if I see it in the paper,” Powell said.