Sends a message

It is a well-known fact that the Soviets use uneducated peasants in the Third World or well-meaning college students to further their goal of world domination. However, there is no excuse for a sociology professor with a Ph.D. to be so ignorant. I’m referring to Clinton J. Jesser, whose letter recently appeared in The Northern Star. He wrote how “excited” he was to go to Moscow for a marathon to end world hunger and improve U.S.-Soviet relations.

Is he not familiar with the Soviet famine of the 1930s? That’s when the government seized the crops from millions of peasants who wouldn’t join the government’s collective farms. Soldiers would guard silos full of rotting grain while 7 million Ukrainian (not to mention the millions of Russian, Byelorussian, etc.) people starved to death. The rest of the grain was dumped on western markets to create the impression of Soviet prosperity. And let’s not forget the present famine in Ethiopia that was created by the Soviet-sponsored dictator Mengistu. He seized the crops from areas where Eritrian rebels are active, forcing millions of people to relocate or starve.

Dr. Jesser states that he will carry messages to the Soviets for anyone who wants him to. Dr. Jesser, tell them this: If you truly want to end world hunger you can start by really giving the land to the peasants and giving your people all the freedoms that we have, even if it means the destruction of international Communism.

Ted McCarron