Unbiased media?

The recent actions of the Northern Star and other media outlets are a sad, sad indictment of the Northern Star and the news media in general.

Certain groups have only to make wild accusations or allegations with little, if any, factual information or proof supplied and the Northern Star falls all over itself to “cover the story.” At times, these groups appear several times in a single issue.

The College Republicans, on the other side of the coin, engaged in a peaceful demonstration on Feb. 23 that was supported in principle, if not on a case by case basis, by many passing Democrats. Did this very real event (vs. very “alleged”) warrant coverage by the Northern Star? Apparently, and typically, it did not. The article prior to the event contained blatant misquotations of CR vice president Gary Yambor and focused on a single item rather than the overall aim of the vigil. The Star’s extensiveand in-depth coverage included a four-line picture caption.

I leave it to the reader to decide where the bias in our “unbiased” media lies.

Carl H. Witt, Jr.

senior, economics