University interviews candidates

By Suzanne Tomse

During the next three weeks, various university groups will be interviewing the five provost candidates chosen by the search committee last week.

Among those chosen were NIU administrators Daniel Wit, acting vice president and provost, and James Norris, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Candidates from other campuses include Mark Auburn of the University of Arkansas, Norma Rees of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and Kendall Baker of Bowling Green University in Ohio.

All candidates will be interviewed in a two-day process which will include addressing university community members in open forums on the last day of their interviews. The forums will be held in Gabel Hall 119 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Auburn, who arrived on campus Sunday, began interviews yesterday and will continue them today. In addition, his open forum will be held this afternoon.

Auburn currently is vice president for planning and management support at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. From 1985-86 he was vice president for Finance and Administration at U of A. Also at U of A, Auburn was associate vice president and director of Institutional Research and Planning in 1985. At Arkansas State University, Auburn was dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1983-85, and at Ohio State University he was associate vice provost and secretary for arts and sciences from 1980-83.

From the University of Chicago, Auburn earned a master of arts degree in English in 1968 and an honors doctorate of English in 1971. In addition, Auburn earned a bachelor of arts in English (magna cum laude) and a bachelor of science degree in mathematics (magna cum laude) at the University of Akron in 1967. Auburn also has had numerous publications including three books.

ees also will be interviewed this week and her open forum will be held on Friday. Rees currently is acting chancellor at U of W-Milwaukee. From 1982-85 she also was vice chancellor for academic affairs at U of W-Milwaukee, and from 1976-82 she was dean of graduate studies at City University of New York. Also at City University, Rees was executive officer for the doctorate program in speech and hearing sciences from 1972-74.

ees earned her doctorate at New York University in 1959 and her master’s at Brooklyn College in 1954. In 1952 she earned her bachelor’s at Queens College. In addition to one book and another forthcoming, Rees has written and published various articles and chapters on communication, speech and hearing disorders.

During the week of April 6, Norris will be interviewed and his forum will be held on April 10. He currently is NIU’s dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and was previously from 1979-84. In 1984-85 he was acting vice president and provost at NIU. At the University of Missouri, St. Louis, he was chairman of the history department from 1976-79 and from 1970-72.

At the University of Missouri-Columbia, Norris earned his doctorate in 1961, his master’s in history in 1958 and his bachelor’s in education in 1956. Norris has written four books and has published a number of articles.

Baker will be interviewed during the week of April 12 and his forum will be held on April 14. Baker currently is the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Previously, he was head of the political science department at the University of Wyoming from 1979-82. From 1967-82, Baker was instructor to professor of political science at the U of W.

At Georgetown University, Baker earned his doctorate in 1969 and his master’s in 1966. In 1963 he received his bachelor’s from the University of Maryland.

Baker has published three books in addition to numerous articles and papers. His specializations include methodology, comparative politics and political socialization.

Wit, NIU’s current vice president and provost, also will be interviewed during the week of April 12. Wit’s forum will be held on April 17. From 1977-86, Wit was the dean of international and special pograms at NIU in addition to being the founder and head of NIU’s political science department from 1961-69. Wit also was the founder of NIU’s Center for Asian Studies and was co-director of the center from 1963-68.

Additionally, Wit was the chairman of master of the public administration degree program and Fulbright Professor at the Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, Netherlands, from 1966-67.

At Princeton Wit earned his master’s in 1948 and doctorate in 1950 emphasizing on international affairs, comparative politics and political theory. He completed his post-graduate study at Yale from 1943-44 and at the University of Paris from 1945-46. In 1943 he earned his bachelor’s in economics from Union College in New York. Wit also has written a number of books.

After all interviews are complete, the search committee will make its recommendations to NIU President John LaTourette, who then submits his choice to the Board of Regents. The Regents should act upon the recommendation at their May meeting. The new provost is scheduled to take office July 1.