‘Irritated’ by JLS

When I came to NIU as a transfer student last fall, I realized that NIU would be different than a junior college and I would see a lot of radical things, but never has any organization irritated me as much as the John Lennon Society.

Since last fall, they’ve complained about Reagan, drug testing and Central America, just to name a few. Now they’re ragging about CIA recruiting on campus. Oh please, give me a break. Does the JLS really expect to change the world by placing effigies of “victims” in strategic locations outside the Student Center and scribbling some slogans on the sidewalk?

After nearly a full year at NIU I have concluded that, regardless of what happens in politics and world affairs, the JLS will always find something to complain about. Nothing seems to make them happy. If and when CIA recruiting is abolished, I’m certain the JLS will move on to champion another magnificent cause.

I would like to suggest that John Lennon Society members abandon their symbolic, shallow gestures and join the speech team, a bowling league, or some other meaningful organization with more legitimate (and less annoying) methods of achieving their goals. If that isn’t possible, then they could at least take their protests out to a cornfield where they are less likely to pester someone.

Charlie Warfield

junior, English