Restaurant stays open

The Marriott Corporation, owners of Roy Rogers restaurant in the Pow Wow room, have not indicated how long service will be resumed.

Marriott had threatened to stop service March 6 in a letter dated Jan. 26 to James Harder, interim vice president of Business and Operations. Harder said he received a second letter from Marriott on March 6 saying they would resume service March 16.

Harder said the letter did not give a reason for continuing service or how long service would be resumed. Harder said he must assume the terms of the contract will be honored. He said he would be willing to negotiate the contract if Marriott wanted to.

NIU President John LaTourette said the recommendations from a committee which is trying to determine what type of service should be offered in the Pow Wow is expected soon, and Marriott will be allowed to see the recommendations. He said these recommendations might lead to changes in the type of service offered by Marriott.