$110,000 suit continues

By Lisa Taylor

Attorneys for the case between Northern Star Adviser Jerry Thompson and the NIU administration still are trying to negotiate a settlement, said Jordan Gallagher, one of Thompson’s attorneys.

The case was heard for nearly two hours at a status hearing in U.S District Court Judge Stanley Roszkowski’s chambers Monday morning, and will continue at 9:30 a.m. on March 18, Gallagher said.

Thompson was removed as adviser and placed in a public relations position by former NIU president Clyde Wingfield because of claims “of serious problems related to fiscal management and organization of the Northern Star,” stated a memo dated April 25, 1986.

Thompson then filed a $110,000 suit against Wingfield, claiming his removal was a result of unfavorable articles written about the former president.

Star articles revealed almost $100,000 was spent on renovations of the former president’s house, which was the subject of investigations by the Illinois legislature and the Board of Regents, who later asked for Wingfield’s resignation.

Thompson was then temporarily reinstated by the Regents on June 19, 1986 under the conditions that he retain his position until the suit was resolved or until a University Council committee studying the structure of the Star reported its findings.

A Blue Ribbon committee was formed by the UC in September 1986 to study the structure of the Star, and a subcommittee recommended it become a not-for-profit corporation. The recommendation is pending UC and Regents’ examination.