Proposal for parking cost hike vetoed

By Paul Wagner

A proposal to increase the price of parking permits by 285 percent over the next two years and change lot usage was rejected by the Campus Parking Committee Thursday.

obert Bornhuetter, NIU professor of art and member of the committee, said he was concerned about where the money generated from the increase would go. “I am not opposed to raising fees for new lots,” he said, adding that he was concerned that the new revenue could be diverted to other sources.

Last year, $106,159 was diverted out of the parking committee reserves. Bornheutter said this money was diverted without the consent of the committee. “The committee should have some authority over its money,” he said.

Jack Bennet, NIU professor of biology, said that while he is no longer a committee member, he served in previous years and he had made the motion to reduce fees to their present levels because of problems similar to the ones Bornheutter brought up.

Bennet recommended the committee reject any proposal to increase fees unless they have a written promise from NIU President John LaTourette that the funds generated from the increase will not be diverted.

Campus parking manager Lynn Fraser said the committee’s decision to reject the proposal will mean no new parking spaces can be added until at least July 1988. If the committee recommends an increase in the future, it could not go into effect until July 1988.

The committee also rejected changes in lot use. A subcommittee’s proposal called for preventing residence hall car owners who have orange permits to park in lots designated “brown.” Right now, any permit holder can park in a “brown” lot.

The subcommittee also called for the redevelopment of lot “O” north on Annie Glidden Road. This lot which is now “brown” would be changed to “orange-brown.”

Student committee member Amy Timmerman said she was opposed to these changes because students living in Grant and Stevenson Towers parked on the grass instead of lot “O.” Lot “W,” north of Grant Towers North, was recently built to accommodate these students.

Timmerman said students living in Douglas and Lincoln Halls who now park in “Brown” lots south of those residence halls might park in the grass instead of using lot “O.”

The committee recommended transferable permits for next year. These permits hang from the window the same way “Baby On Board” signs do. The committee recommended that car owners have the option of whether to use the new permits or the old ones next year. The new permits cost an additional $2.