Corn Fest wants logo contest entries

By Kathy Sisler

The Corn Fest Committee, celebrating its 10th anniversary and DeKalb County’s 150th birthday, is having a logo contest open to all artists high-school age and older.

olf Langehaug, DeKalb High School art teacher, is a member of the Corn Fest Committee. He said, “The judges are looking for a mood with a happy festive feeling, not just a fantastic design.”

Since this is the first official activity to start Corn Fest, the logo must be submitted by March 6 before 5 p.m., Langehaug said. “The logo goes on T-shirts, stationery, and any official publications which go out for Corn Fest,” he said.

Langehaug said the logo colors must be green and yellow as they have been for the past three years. The logo also must be done in a nine-by-nine inch format.

All entries must be submitted with name, address, age and phone number. The entries will become the property of the City of DeKalb and will not be returned.

The first-prize winner will receive $50 and two second-place winners will receive $25 each, Langehaug said.

DeKalb resident Linda Finn said she was a Corn Fest co-chairman in 1985, and chairman in both 1986 and now 1987. She said last year the first official logo contest was held.

Finn said former NIU student Steve Katter was the first first-prize winner. DeKalb High School students Irwin Jose and John Koukourakis were the two runners-up, she said.

“This year I would like to have more of a cross section of people judging the logo contest. Getting different people from every aspect of the community involved is what Corn Fest is all about,” Finn said.

The smaller community is more social and activities like Corn Fest provide a chance to see old friends that have moved away, Finn said. “I would like to see more NIU students get involved with the festivities,” she said.