SA members announce election plans

By Tammy Sholer

Student Association President Jim Fischer announced Sunday he will run for re-election in the March 25-26 SA Executive Board Elections.

“I believe in the SA. I really enjoyed working with the SA this year (and) progress was made toward our goals,” Fischer said.

SA Public Relations Adviser Cameron Davis announced he will be running for SA vice president in the up-coming elections. Fischer said he will be running on the same ticket as Davis, adding, “I wholeheartedly endorse his (Davis’) candidacy.”

Candidates must obtain 200 signatures on petitions for their name to appear on the ballot from either on-campus or off-campus students because the SA executives represent the whole student body, not just one district, Michele Begovich, SA vice president, said.

“Petitions will be available Feb. 23, and they must be returned the Monday after spring break (March 16) by 4:30 p.m.,” Begovich said. If a student misses the deadline for turning in petitions, they can be placed on the ballot as a write-in candidate, she said.

In other matters, David Baum, SA academic affairs adviser, said he is working hard to get teacher evaluations publicized. Last semester a random survey was conducted by the SA to determine teachers’ opinions on the subject.

Baum said, “The results were positive,” but Chris Hoagland, last semester’s academic affairs adviser, had a different interpretation of the survey. Hoagland said teachers generally believed public evaluations would be inappropriate.

The reason for making the evaluations public is so students can see which teacher’s method fits them best, Baum said. A new survey will be conducted which will be sent out to 25 percent of the instructors from each department, he said.

In other business, Davis said “Passing-the-Buck,” a way for students to express their concerns, complaints and suggestions to the SA, is “hopefully working.” He said one student called in for help when he could not pay his bills and needed to be relieved from his residence hall contract. The student could not pay his bills because his father passed away, Davis said. The student was referred to financial aid, and he still is attending NIU, he said.

“Passing-the-Buck” began Feb. 2 and is a system through which the SA collects comments from gold drop boxes located around campus and either discovers the answer to the problem and reports back to the student, or refers the student to the proper office.