City plans to fix streets in Greek Row

By David Johnston

The DeKalb City Council decided at their regular meeting Monday to begin accepting bids for the reconstruction of streets in Greek Row.

The council directed the Engineering Division to solicit bids for the work on parts A, B and C of the plan which would involve reconstruction of Hillcrest Drive from Annie Glidden Road to Normal Avenue, and Normal Avenue from Hillcrest to College Terrace.

A proposal to widen the streets and construct turning lanes at the intersections also was considered. However, this proposal would involve the elimination of some parking spaces, so the council decided to postpone voting until they received input from residents.

alph Tompkins, assistant director of Public Works, said the project will focus on parts B and C. Hillcrest and Normal roads were chosen because they are heavily used and are currently in poor condition.

The project will be funded partially through the Build Illinois project. $700,000 will be provided by the state, however Tompkins estimated costs for the project would be between $729,000 and $788,000 for reconstruction of parts B and C. If the segment of Hillcrest between Greenbrier and Annie Glidden (part A) is included in the project, costs will run between $805,000 and $871,000, he said. The council did not come to a decision on a source for the additional funding.

Tompkins said the city would not enter any contracts except on the understanding that only one of the three intersections involved may be closed at any time.