No illegal aliens

This letter is written in response to your editorial entitled “Alien Employment Needs Monitoring.” It is very apparent that research in the area was very much lacking on your part.

First and foremost is the fact that there are no illegal aliens unless you are referring to an extraterrestrial being. There are, however, undocumented workers.

Second, the economy is not hurt because undocumented workers are paid in cash. Believe it or not, some do, in fact, file income tax returns, both federal and state. And what about sales taxes and other direct and indirect taxes paid by all of them despite the fact they are paid in cash?

Third, undocumented workers, contrary to general belief, do not take jobs away from United States citizens. Let’s face it—everyone wants to be a foreman or supervisor, not a dishwasher or stoop laborer.

Fourth, trying to come to this country to work—above the board, as you put it—is virtually impossible. There is a quota system similar to that of the late 1920s that requires individuals coming to this country to wait 10 to 15 years.

ow can I go to the Mexican-American/Chicano community and tell them to come to Northern when you resort to irresponsible yellow journalism similar to the Hearst era of the 1940s in Los Angeles?

So come on now, be responsible; do your research.

Antonio Gonzalez

Associate Director

CHANCE Program