Recycling station

Many students are concerned about where their student fees go. Contrary to what some believe, not all student fees are piddled away by administrators. The Student Association Recycling Station is one example of well-spent student fees. There are many reasons why student fees should be used to support a recycling center.

First, recycling saves natural resources. It takes five trees to make one ton of newspaper, so for every ton recycled, five trees’ lives are saved. Second, recycling saves energy. For example, by recycling aluminum, you are saving about 98 percent of the total energy used in aluminum production. Third, recycling conserves space used in landfills. It has been estimated that the DeKalb County landfill will reach its capacity in three to five years. This is perhaps the most pressing reason to recycle. Finally, recycling in DeKalb serves as a link between the NIU community and the residents of DeKalb.

Similarly, non-profit student community organizations can benefit from curb sides by assisting recycling station employees and receiving a portion of the total intake of newspaper for that day. (Interested students can leave newspaper on the curbs in front of their residence halls as well.)

Since July 1986 the Recycling Station has recycled 127 tons of newspaper, 32 tons of glass, 18.5 tons of computer paper and 654 pounds of aluminum. This represents a savings of 355 cubic yards of space in the DeKalb County landfill. Realizing the benefits of recycling and the vested interests of all tuition-paying students, all members of the NIU community should recycle.

The Recycling Station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions about the recycling program, please contact me at 753-9920.

Sandy Delery

Director of Recycling