My kind of town

I enjoy reading Dave Tuley’s column in the Star, but he recently made a comment to which I feel I must respond. The remark was made in his column of Wednesday, Jan. 28 as he somewhat begrudgingly congratulated the New York Giants on their Super Bowl triumph but reminded all that it’s hard to repeat. In making the statement that “New Yorkers are already arrogant about their city,” Mr. Tuley has displayed a narrow-minded opinion of New York and New Yorkers which is unfortunate.

It can be very easy to confuse pride with arrogance, especially when that pride is conveyed in a style which differs from one’s own. New Yorkers, like Chicagoans, are proud of their city and, in many ways, justifiably so. Nowhere else in the world can one experience such broad and rich cultural, social and economic diversity as can be found in New York. Of course, its got its problems, but what region is without problems?

Being a native New Yorker, I had second thoughts about moving to the Midwest (especially since the Cubs and Bears were doing so well at the time!). However, I also suffered from a narrow-mindedness that comes with unfamiliarity. I couldn’t appreciate the Midwest until I came and found what it has to offer. Likewise, unless you’ve really spent some time there, you can’t know what New York has to offer. So, to Mr. Tuley and others, I say, give it a try; you just may love it!

Steven C. Isberg

Assistant Professor of Finance