Applicants set up RA interviews

By Lynn Kallal

About 38 would-be Resident Assistants attended a candidates’ reception Tuesday night to meet with staff members and set up interviews on which final decisions will be based.

The residence halls are in the process of choosing students to become R.A.s for the upcoming semesters. The process started about two weeks ago at an informational meeting where prospective candidates heard present R.A.s “talk about themselves and how they get their work done and be an R.A. at the same time,” said one of the candidates.

All students wanting to be R.A.s submitted an application on which they listed their involvements on the college level and some background, she said. In addition to the application, each student filed three references including one from a present R.A., a member of Senior Staff and one faculty member. The candidates also wrote an essay about why they wanted to be an R.A, and submitted a copy of their most recent grade report—to verify that they meet the required 2.3 GPA.

“We made the first cut according to all these requirements,” said Nancy Beal, coordinator of the selection process. Grades are very important, Beal said. “A certain cumulative average is required. If an applicant doesn’t make the cut, I’ll talk to them. The best I can offer them is a position as an alternate, which a lot of times does turn into a job.”

After the initial review of the applications and references, the qualified students were invited to a candidates’ reception.

Every student will be interviewed by two sets of present R.A.s, two members of Senior Staff, by Maureen Blair, director of Lincoln Hall, and by Sheryl Mullis, area coordinator. Marie Keeley, a present R.A., said the R.A.s have some input into the decisions. “We’ll be asking questions that will show their leadership abilities and ability to work in a group,” she said. “The final decision of who to choose is a group effort and opinion of all the staff.”

Most of the candidates said they wanted to become R.A.s because they wanted to help organize activites for the floor on which they are assigned. “I want to establish a place where the people on the floor will feel like family,” said candidate Beth Brown.

Another candidate, Darlene Fry, added, “The R.A. is the center of the whole floor. It’s the R.A. who greets every student when she comes in. The R.A. is the one who can make or break your whole year … they help the freshmen have a successful first year.”

The final selection will be announced through letters to the candidates on March 4.