Man faces trial for burglary ring

By M. Michelle Byrne

An Elgin man allegedly involved in a burglary ring responsible for up to 10 home burglaries will stand trial for one of the incidents.

DeKalb County associate Circuit Court Judge Richard Larson found probable cause in the burglary charge against Anthony Mayfield, 18, of Elgin. Mayfield was charged with the Dec. 11 burglary at 1510 Kent Place. His arraignment will be March 9.

DeKalb Police Sgt. Chuck Kross said four people, including one NIU student, were arrested on Dec. 11. Mayfield; NIU student Suzanne Wood, l9; Reginald Nix, 18, of Hanover Park; and Nathan Jefferson, 22, of Elgin were all charged with one count of burglary.

Wood also was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Wednesday, but the case was continued to a pretrial and arraignment hearing on March 17.

The burglary ring is thought to be responsible for up to 10 home burglaries and two attempted burglaries, Kross said. Although the four subjects were charged with only one count of burglary, additional charges might be brought against them, he said.

One of the 10 burglaries, a Nov. 30 burglary of 1123 Holmes Place, was included in the testimony at Mayfield’s hearing Wedensday.

Detective Jim Kayes testified he spoke to Nix and Wood. Nix said he was with Jefferson, Mayfield and Wood the night of the Nov. 30 burglary, Kayes said.

Kayes said a video recorder, some jewelry and some cash were missing from 1123 Holmes Place Nov. 30.

In his testimony, Kayes said Nix told him that he, Jefferson and Mayfield followed Wood in her car, drove by the corner of Holmes Place and Sunset Place and saw a family leaving 1123 Holmes Place. They parked on Second Street, and all three walked back to the house, broke a window and entered it.

Nix said he saw Mayfield carry a video recorder out of the house and then saw him later in Wood’s car, Kayes said.

Kayes said Nix told him they went to the parking lot of the Kentucky Fried Chicken ,922 S. Fourth St., where Mayfield put the video recorder in Wood’s trunk. They took the recorder to Elgin that evening and sold it, Kayes said.

Kayes testified he spoke to Wood on Jan. 12, and she said she didn’t know what was in the trunk that night. She only said they stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mayfield got out of the car.

Kayes testimony was disputed by the testimonies of Mayfield’s girlfriend and her mother. They both said Mayfield was with them the night of the Nov. 30 burglary. However, when assistant State’s Attorney Mike Coglan asked Mayfield’s girlfriend the date, she was not sure.