Homeless citizens deal with Winter weather

By Jordan Radloff

The upcoming winter weather and cold temperatures can be difficult for people to deal with. For the homeless citizens of DeKalb County, winter can be an especially difficult time.

Finding food and shelter while trying to travel through deep snow and cold winds is a challenge that homeless members of the community will have to face daily.

Hope Haven of DeKalb County is a homeless shelter, transitional housing and permanent housing organization, according to Shelter Listing’s website.

There are multiple resources that homeless citizens can utilize year round, such as the DeKalb Public Library.

“Limited library cards can be offered to DeKalb citizens with no set address,” DeKalb Public Library Public Relations and Events Manager, Samantha Hathaway, said. “These cards allow them to check out one item at a time. Homeless citizens can also use all the services that we provide, including internet computers, study rooms and events.”