Campus organizations to hold annual Culture Fest

By Ashley Dwy I Contributor

Culture Fest, hosted by Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority and the Southeast Asia Club, will be held from 5-7 p.m. on Nov. 21 at the Campus Life Building Atrium.

There will be performances, food and activities from different cultural student organizations. Culture Fest brings the different cultural clubs on campus together, and each club will be able to show off their own cultural differences, according to the NIU events calendar.

“This year’s Culture Fest is more performance based than it has been in the past,” Adam Reedy, a graduate student in sociology, said. “We have the Indonesia class, Tagalog Filipino class, Thai class and the Foreign Language Residence Program all doing dances based on their heritage.”

Although this Culture Fest is more performance based, other clubs are welcome to bring food, according to Reedy. Because cultural learning is promoted during this fest, it serves as an opportunity for students to learn more about the specific cultures being represented at Culture Fest.

“Culture Fest represents everything good about NIU,” Reedy said. “It’s about bringing people together to experience and learn about the different cultures that are there.”