Renovated Student Center creates welcoming atmosphere

By Jamie O'Toole l Contributor

Although the newly renovated space of Holmes Student Center is sometimes cluttered with ladders and construction workers as renovations continue, it is also filled with students crowding the private study rooms and conveniently located sitting areas to work on homework. 

While the Student Center is a great designated place for study groups, hang out sessions and in-depth conversations, the most welcoming aspect of the Holmes Student Center is, surprisingly, the Starbucks. The hint of coffee aroma walking into the Student Center pleasantly caresses daunting stress and accompanies long talks with friends. The accessible coffee shop welcomes an incentive for students to grind hard and get loads of homework done. 

Many students, such as sophomore Kailey Pearson and junior Nikhil Ponugoti, had seen the Student Center prior to the changes during their transfer student orientation. Seeing the construction raised a lot of curiosity for them and they wondered what they could expect as new students. 

Since the grand opening, the two have used the space mostly to study and meet other students in the heart of campus.

“I really like the renovations. It gives the place a new look. My favorite part would be how they have little study rooms for people to come and focus and also the Starbucks for convenience,” Ponugoti said. 

Within the private study rooms are big white boards for study groups. Pearson appreciates these boards, as they allow her to write and view the material for her classes at a larger scale and discuss it with others. 

On the way are additions, such as Qdoba. “I’m very excited to see Qdoba in March 2020. With it right on campus, there’s no way I won’t be there,” Pearson said.  

After being in the Student Center under construction, it’s refreshing to go inside and not feel like it’s restricted space where students are not allowed. For a while, being there felt like a burden. “Now, buses go there and people are always inside,” Pearson said. The space has become significantly more inviting. 

On the way, too, is a bowling alley in the Huskie Den. 

In the Huskie Den, there are 16 bowling lanes, 15 competition size pool tables, snack bar, console and arcade games, bags and more, according to the Holmes Student Center page under Division of Student affairs. 

“I’m very excited to see the Huskie Den open up sometime soon, hopefully,” Ponugoti said. 

A bowling alley will be a great addition for students to walk away from intense study sessions fueled by caffeine buzzes to relive some steam by playing a game of bowling with classmates, roommates or friendly strangers.