Students should listen to The Ron Burgundy Podcast


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By Hunter Weston

Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell in Anchorman franchise, is a real gentleman, scholar and overall man’s man. He has a genuine curiosity in people, literature and scotch.

iHeartRadio has given Burgundy his very own podcast which has accrued many fans. “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” focuses on Burgundy and his producer and co-host Carolina Barlow interviewing guests that talk about various topics. 

The topics discussed on the podcast range from true crime and meditation to Christmas memories and bullying awareness. Burgundy gives each of these topics a humorous, fresh approach. There are even a few silly episodes which showcase Ferrell’s comedic genius. 

The show has many interesting guests that help explain the topics and give Burgundy and Barlow something to play off of. Guests on the podcast have included Deepak Chopra, RuPaul and Peter Dinklage.

Listening to podcasts, like watching a movie or TV show or playing a game, is a great way to pass time and unwind. This podcast could be used as a stress reliever for some students. 

The podcast is not only entertaining, but has strangely educational benefits. 

The very first episode focuses on a popular topic covered by other podcasts: true crime. Burgundy hilariously makes it obvious he doesn’t know what a podcast is, even though he agreed to be in one.

“When the men in the grey suits approached me about recording my voice for a series of discussions, musings, interviews, etc. my curiosity was peaked so I asked ‘is this played out on the radio’ and they said ‘no,'” Burgundy said in a podcast.

For fans of the same comedy, humor and levity of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” is for you.