Xbox unveils affordable payment plan for consoles

By Jacob Roushia

On Nov. 18, Xbox All Access will allow gamers to pay for an Xbox One on a monthly basis. Xbox All Access will allow customers to get an Xbox console, controller, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass for a monthly cost.

Microsoft recently announced that this service will allow members to upgrade to the newly announced Project Scarlet console coming out during the 2020 holiday season. 

Xbox All Access is similar to a phone plan. Instead of purchasing the Xbox hardware and software, a person can pay for it at a discounted monthly price.

Once the two year deal is completed, the customers can keep the console and controller as long as they want. Also, the contract does not include any interest or hidden fees, according to Microsoft and Credit One. 

Xbox Live allows a person to play online in all video games on the platform. Xbox Game Pass gives customers access to over 100 games to download and play, where games are added and dropped month to month. 

There are three bundles Microsoft is advertising through Amazon. There is the Xbox One X option, which is the newest and most advanced Xbox One, for $30.99 a month. This Xbox One X features advanced graphical quality including High Dynamic Range, HDR and native 4K resolution.

HDR mostly increases the quality of the colors on the screen and makes the colors stand out more. 4k resolution is four times the resolution or pixels provided on a regular HD TV.

The Xbox One X option is the only bundle that will allow participants to upgrade to the next generation of consoles.

“Upgrade requires at least 12 payments on your original Xbox All Access contract, and purchase of a new 24-month Xbox All Access contract for Project Scarlett, expected Holiday 2020,” according to the terms and services of Xbox All Access.

Participants only have to pay 12 months out of the 24 and can trade in their Xbox One X for Project Scarlet, which will start a new 24-month contract. Microsoft also added that the Xbox One X console has to be in “acceptable” condition. 

The Xbox One S option is the second iteration of Xbox One consoles and can play 4K video and upscale video games to 4K, instead of the native 4K resolution the Xbox One X can provide. Upscaling compared to native 4k can sometimes be more blurry and less clear. The Xbox One S option will be $22.99 a month. 

The final bundle includes the Xbox One S All Digital Edition, which does not include a disc tray. This option is the cheapest, at $19.99 a month, but does not allow physical discs to be used. Customers can still play the games given to them through Game Pass by downloading them over the internet. 

By comparison, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass are $9.99 a month each for the services. Both an Xbox Wireless Controller and an Xbox One X are $59.99 and $399.99 on Amazon. 

If someone would purchase using this option instead of buying all of the software and hardware over a two year period, they could save $20.00 with the Xbox One X bundle and over $130.00 with the Xbox One S bundle, according to Polygon. Polygon is a technology website that primarily focus on video games. 

The service is only available through Amazon, but Microsoft is looking to add more retailers. If someone would like to use this service then they would need to pass a credit check through Citizen Bank, Microsoft listed on their website. All payments will also go to that credit agency, through a partnership between the agency and Microsoft.

If interested in this program, details can be found on and