2019 Halloween costume trends


By Naj Edwards

It’s officially spooky season! For many of us, that means midterms, rigorous work and piles of homework. For the rest of us, it means scary movies, pumpkin carving and, most importantly, dressing up.

Over the years, people have become increasingly creative with their Halloween outfits and even Halloween inspired makeup. 

This year, lots of Halloween makeup looks are inspired by the Joker. From bright green eyebrows to the devious red smile, people are getting very creative.

There are even some people who combined the looks of past Jokers with the aesthetic of the most recent. For example, writing “ah ha ha” in eyeliner on their necks and faces.

The film the Joker was released on Oct. 4. It follows the misunderstood Arthur Fleck. Due to the mistreatment, he falls into a life of crime where he meets with his alter ego, The Joker.

The evolution of makeup has allowed people to create their own alternative look, just like the movies. 

As time progresses, people are shying away from the typical witches, ghosts and black cat costumes.

There are a lot more film and television inspired Halloween looks. This spooky holiday has become yet another thing the media heavily influences. 

Aside from the Joker, people continue recreating looks from some classic Halloween films and shows. Pennywise the clown is very popular and actually quite versatile.

There are many Tim Burton inspired costumes and looks as well such as Coraline, Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, it doesn’t just stop with film inspired makeup. 

We can’t forget about the kid’s costumes. After all, Halloween is mostly centered around children dressing up and trick-or-treating. Pop culture is starting to heavily influence Halloween for children as well. 

A common trend in children’s Halloween costumes are celebrities. This year, there’s been Quavo from Migos and Sia. 

Halloween is arguably the most creative holiday there is, and it just keeps getting more and more technically advanced.

Search #Halloween on Instagram or YouTube to find inspiration for your Halloween costume and makeup this year.