5 worst Super Bowl commercials

Worst Super Bowl commercials

5. Hard Rock International – To me this commercial had no point and was way too complex. It had a bunch of action in  it with Jennifer Lopez chasing a masked man through a Hard Rock Hotel over a bling cup. Which is confusing why wouldn’t she just call the cops or see if her personal security could go get it back. Another piece of advice, instead of all the hectic motion, show off how peaceful and luxurious it is at the hotel to draw people’s attention.

4. Avocados from Mexico – I’m a huge fan of their other commercials when they use the avocados in a humorous way. This commercial was different and slightly weird in how they used a shopping network to sell accessories for avocados. Like who is going to take an avocado to the park or even better yet on a trip back home.  

3. Coca-Cola Energy- I don’t know if they were trying to be funny or make people think that Jonah Hill and Martin Scorsese hang out on a regular basis but for me it was neither. I thought it was weird how they tried to build suspense with the three dots in text messaging, like why would Scorsese just stand there staring at his phone instead of mingling with other friends at the party. Also, I feel like Scorsese should have been dressed up, it would have added to the effort he made to fit the theme of the party. 

2. SquareSpace Winona in Winona- Just like the Hard Rock Commercial, this commercial by SquareTrade did not have a point to it. It was about a lady named Winona making a website for Winona Minnesota while laying in the snow. Then a cop shows up asking what she is doing, which she shows him on her computer the website she made and he walks back to his police car. In a way I guess this shows it’s easy to create a website on square trade but why is she laying in the snow and why does the cop act like this is normal behavior.

1.Moutian Dew Zero Sugar- I’m such a huge fan Bryan Crasnston and Tracy Ellis Ross, but I feel like this commercial was way to edgy for a soft drink. Yes, it’s an iconic scene from the Shinning, I just don’t think it fit well. Especially, on the fact it went from being a horror movie to a moment of sharing in a blink of an eye. Also I was not a fan of the creepy twin sisters at the end played by Cranston. Overall, Moutain Dew just missed the mark on this one.