City to add bus route to Elburn train station

By Noah Johnson

The DeKalb City Council voted in favor of an additional bus line to Elburn train station at last night’s regular City Council meeting. The bus will operate seven days a week and could be expected to start as soon as Oct. 7, according to a proposed transit changes document.

The service would provide more frequent access to and from the Chicagoland area to students and residents, in addition to DeKalb visitors and guests, according to the document.

“This idea has been talked about for probably close to a decade,” Second Ward Alderperson Bill Finucane said during the council’s discussion. “To finally see it come into fruition is very gratifying.”

The current service offers four bus lines to Elburn train station on Friday afternoons and three on Sunday afternoons when NIU is in full session, according to the huskieline website. The new service will operate one trip per morning Mondays through Sundays and one trip per afternoon Mondays through Thursdays, with services operating Saturday afternoons as well, according to the proposed document. Friday and Sunday afternoon scheduling would remain the same.

The shuttle bus would depart from the DuSable turnaround.Tickets will be able to be purchased with cash or online via

Increased service cost would be funded by the Downstate Operating Assistance Program, according to the proposal. Provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation, the DOAP pays up to 65% of expenses for eligible grant applicants.

“It’s good to see that we are getting transportation that is much needed in this community,” former Mayor Bessie Chronopolous said.

The City Council also voted in favor of an additional bus route which would provide access to areas of employment along South Seventh St., Fairview Drive, Macom Drive, Harvestore Drive, and South Tenth St., according to a document outlining proposed changes.

The bus would run Mondays through Fridays, operating 18 trips per day, according to the document. The route would begin at 4 a.m. and end at midnight. The anticipated start date for this route is set for Oct. 28.