Campus clubs help students

By Edwin Kelso

DeKALB — NIU is home to over three hundred clubs and organizations, which means finding the right one can be challenging. So, to make the job a bit easier, here are a few suggestions for clubs to get involved in. 

NIU Forensics

NIU Forensics is a club for students looking to get better at speaking in front of an audience and develop essential skills for public speaking and interaction. 

“NIU Forensics is one of the oldest organizations on the NIU campus, dating back to 1928, and offers you an exciting and rewarding co-curricular experience,” acting director Judy Santacaterina said. 

“This organization provides you with the opportunity to develop public speaking, performance, argumentation and advocacy skills that are vital in any career path.” 

The club works with NIU alumni in many fields including education, science, law, business, healthcare, government and entertainment.

The Pre Law Honor Society

The Pre-Law Honor Society is a club focused on preparing students from any major for law school. For students concerned with understanding how to navigate the American legal system, this might be the club to check out. 

The club prepares students by inviting local judges, attorneys and law school representatives to speak about their experiences. Through this organization, students are able to gain much needed insight into the complex world of being a lawyer. “I think students that have ever thought about law school or becoming an attorney should consider checking out the Pre-Law Honors Society,” Jakub Sobieraj, acting club president, said. “

You can have any degree and apply to law school. The club is open to all students from various departments and we go over different material weekly, for example, law school applications, LSAT review, accompanied by guest speakers such as judges and district attorneys.” The Pre-Law Honor Society meets every Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Swen Parson room 187.

Badminton Club

For a more physical type of club, Badminton is a campus highlight. As the name would suggest, The Badminton Club is dedicated to students who want to come out and hit a birdie around for two hours. They play every Monday and Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the NIU Student Recreation Center, 325 N. Annie Glidden Rd.