Campus gets a taste of style with fashion show

By Edwin Kelso

The Nine to Five Fashion Show sponsored by Kohls was held 7:30 pm Saturday in the Duke Ellington Ballroom located in the Holmes Student Center .

The show was put on by students in the Fashion Merchandising program and was produced by the Fashion Industries Organization. Much praise should be given to the producers of the show, including FIO President Brooke Coyner and Vice President Breanna Reynolds who did an amazing job putting this entire show together.

In addition, it should be noted the entire event was executed masterfully as a result of the diligent work put in by everyone involved including the technicians, stylists and models.

The event lasted approximately 30 minutes, including the introduction, the entire fashion show, the announcement of raffle winners and the winners of the Kohls-sponsored scholarships for student projects worth a combined total of $2000.

All of the clothes on the walkway were provided by Kohls, 2070 Sycamore Road.

This event showed how dressing professionally can make one look and feel amazing, while also being fairly inexpensive. Both models and stylists were able to pull off such beautiful looks. The clothes seen were well put together but never too far into the realm of unrealistic luxury to not take seriously.

Joining Fashion Industry Organization has the potential to help young students understand the world of fashion and how to navigate it accordingly. The program can help nurture one’s ability within the scope of fashion. Events like these help students gain real life experience. On top of the ability to network with former alumni and attend workshops, the benefits are limitless.

Overall, the Nine to Five Fashion Show was an amazing event. All the hard work put in to make this event a reality was apparent, and it truly showed through the most subtle of details just how much each participating student was determined to succeed.