Student blends classical and rap music on Spotify

By Amy Geldean

NIU student and musician Allen Madison combines his passions and studies by fusing classical music with rap and releasing his work on Spotify. Madison is a sophomoremajoring in violin performance and recording arts from Naperville. He released his latest single, “What You Want,” March 23 on Spotify.

Madison started playing music in fifth grade when he picked up the violin. After playing for years, Madison said he decided to expand his abilities with the help of a friend by learning how to use music software to create his own songs.

Madison said he does not like to force his musical compositions. He said he waits to start his creative process until he is in the right mood to do so. His emotions at the time direct the song’s tone.

For example, if I’m upset that day, I will make a beat that fits a sad vibe, and when I’m happy, I will make a happy beat,” Madison said. “That’s all it takes for me to start creating.”

Madison said the two most influential musicians in his life are rapper Kanye West and classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He said they provide him with a good sense of both modern rap and centuries-old music. Madison said he hopes to continue fusing the two musical genres in the future.

Madison said his favorite part of being a musician is having the chance to change someone else’s mood. When the sound of his voice or of his violin can change someone else’s day, Madison said he finds it amazing. He said he enjoys that people look up to him as a musician and depend on him for inspiration.

Madison said there are three things he hopes people take from his music: Be yourself, be happy and never take anything too seriously.

Madison plans to release one song each month during the summer in order to give listeners continuous music to enjoy. Fans should expect more violin in his upcoming tracks.

Although he has no planned live performances for the summer, Madison said he hopes to set up a concert at NIU next year.