SA to hold special election Friday


SA Election Commissioner Brandon Lesnicki addresses the low voter turnout in the spring 2019 elections Sunday during the Senate meeting in the Holmes Student Center, Sky Room.

By Kierra Frazier

DeKALB — Due to the absence of a presidential candidates in the Student Association elections, special elections will be hosted Friday with the ballot announcement  Wednesday.

Students interested in filling SA openings for the SA President or Senate attended an additional candidates’ meeting Thursday for the upcoming special elections. The Senate is in need of at least seven candidates to fill the 40 seats.

10 to 15 students met 5 p.m. Thursday in the Campus Life Building, Room 100. Election Commissioner Brandon Lesnicki led the meeting and informed potential candidates of their next steps in becoming eligible to run for SA positions. 

Students running for positions had to receive signatures on a petition and meet other requirements.

Elections are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 5. Students can vote on HuskieLink or on campus at Barsema Hall, DuSable Hall, Holmes Student Center, Founders Memorial Library, LaTourette Hall, Music Building, New Hall Community Center, Nursing Building and the Recreation Center. 

Lesnicki said the purpose of the special election is to fill the remaining seats within the executive and legislative branch because the SA wasn’t able to fill them all during the general election. He said the president position is open and the SA needs at least seven senators. 

Lesnicki said he hopes the special election will get more students involved in the SA.

“I know this year has been a little hectic, but I think in the end, this is part of how we get better,” Lesnicki said. “We identify where these struggles are coming from and how [we] can work to better them.”  

Stephanie Salazar, junior medical laboratory science major, attended the meeting and said she joined Senate this semester because she’s always had an interest in student government.

“I think [there are] a lot of things wrong with our campus and not a lot of us do things to fix it,” Salazar said. “I think being a part of SA allows me to represent multiple communities that we have here. I want to try to start a conversation that not a lot of people are willing to start.”

Junior geology major Sabrina Self also joined the Senate this semester and said she hopes to be a part of SA next semester as well.

She said she was on the fence about running next semester, but the special election gave her another chance.

“I’m going to continue running as a senator and hopefully get those Chairwoman positions and advocate for environmental wisdom,” Self said.

Layla Werner, senior political science major, attended the meeting and said she has had previous senator experience within the 49th session.

She said she hopes to become a part of the public affairs committee to get more students involved in SA.

“I was a senator in the past, and with the way that this last election went with the publicizing of it and the advertising of it, I’m just really disappointed in both branches of government,” Werner said. “Helping people get into those executive positions is important because it pertains to the entire student body.”