National Big Wig Day

By Sarah LaLond

National Big Wig Day is a celebration of a hodgepodge of ideas, culminating in positivity and outreach.

During this holiday, the meaning of the word “big wig” is twofold. This day is celebrated by wearing wigs; the bigger and brighter the wig, the better.

Today also empowers people to feel like a bigwig through the realization that you have the potential to impact other people’s lives for the better.

The creation of the holiday started on social media with a wigged selfie on Facebook. What started as a lighthearted way to combat post-holiday depression turned into an opportunity to donate to charity. 

National Big Wig Day partners with a few different organizations, including the American Cancer Society and Desert Cancer Foundation of Coachella Valley. Today also supports the idea of large scale giving. If a million people pledge to give just a dollar, then the impact of $1 million is huge.

“We believe you are the “Big Wig” of  your life. You are not your job title, clothing size, zip code or the car you drive. You are fabulous!” according to

This holiday is easily shareable by snapping a photo or you or a group of friends to show support for #NationalBigWigDay. Go out and be a bigwig today!