SA looks forward to revise Election Policy before spring elections


By Kierra Frazier

DeKALB — SA voted to re-establish an ad-hoc committee Sunday to revise and reevaluate the Election Policy as a result of the discrepancies last election season.

An ad-hoc committee is a temporary committee voted upon by the senate to serve a particular purpose.The ad-hoc committee will be in use until the last meeting of the 50th session Senate.

Legislative Director Ian Pearson said this committee was established in the 49th session to clarify, revise and reevaluate the election policy.

During last election, former Election Commissioner Anthony Baca came to the Board of Elections with concerns of suspicious signatures. The signatures appeared to be made by the same person and seemed to be on each of the candidate’s petition for the #YouMatterNIU ticket, according to a Mar. 22, 2018 Northern Star article.

The SA Supreme Court repealed the disqualification of the ticket and found the candidates and Board of elections at fault, according to a Mar. 22, 2018 Northern Star article.

“Last years election was very tumultuous and resulted on a supreme court decision to clarify parts of the policy,” Pearson said. “This committee didn’t come together until the end of the 49th session, we were unable to propose any legislation coming out of the work.”

This committee will be tasked with building from the work from the 49th session ad-hoc committee to the 50th session, according to the SA Senate agenda.

SA elections are typically planned to be held at the end of March.

Pearson said this ad-hoc committee is being reconvened from the 49th session where questions of zones of where you can campaign and collecting signatures to be on a ballot.

“I’m going to spend time going through the election policy and reevaluating a wrap and other potential problems,” Pearson said.

Tristan Martin, Speaker of the Senate said, according to the by-laws, typically when an ad-hoc committee is formed the speaker of the senate will be the chairperson.

“I’ve delegated this position to Legislative Director Pearson,” Martin said. “From being an alumnus of the 49th session ad-hoc committee I believe he will be able to take good care of it.”