My Experience at the National College Media Convention

By Abby Wisecarver

Conventions are an important thing to attend to, whether they are for a job or a major. I recently went to a convention and learned many amazing ideas that I can now implement into my job.

I attended the National College Media Convention in Louisville, Kentucky on October 25 to the 28. There were so many journalism majors there and it was an amazing place for us to all come together and learn new things.

While at the convention, I attended over three sessions a day, with the topic ranging from social media to resumes. I was able to meet and network with professional journalists, as well as learn a lot of amazing new concepts.

My favorite session was learning how to deal with stress before it manages you. Like other college students, I am stressed about pretty much everything. This session taught us to take care of our bodies and minds.

In my opinion, conventions are an amazing place to learn new, fresh ideas. If there is ever a chance for you to attend a convention, you should go.