Festive on a Budget: Christmas Holiday Table

By Sarah Lalond

There is a light at the end of the long tunnel of the semester. Exams are wrapping up, final papers are being drafted and break is almost here! Celebrate the end of the year by throwing a chic holiday bash on a budget.

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star

For inexpensive holiday dinnerware, look no further than the Christmas corner of Target. Purchase a set of 12 classy holly and berries paper plates for $3 and the matching pack of 14 holly and berries napkins for the same price. For a variety of other holiday patterns, shop Wondershop plates at Target.

A 30 piece set of disposable silver flatware is $5 at Target. This gives the impression of elegance without needing to shell out the money for sterling silver utensils.

While I purchased 10 glasses from World Market at $1.58 each, Target offers a more than comparable price. A set of 12 stemless wine glasses is $17.99, lowering the price to $1.50 per glass.

To bring the look together, drape your table with Walmart’s $3.19 white tablecloth.

Sarah LaLond/Northern Star

Table centerpieces don’t need to be extravagant or expensive, but instead should be a simple focal point that ties the setup together. This centerpiece is comprised of two main elements: a glass vase and a garland base. A glass vase from Target is $2.97, filled with a festive $3 pack of red, white, gold and silver mini ornaments.

The green and silver tinsel garland is $6 at Target and is interwoven with a $3.28 LED wire light set from Walmart, in order to add an eye-catching light to the centerpiece.

I completed the decorative piece with a couple candy canes from a pack of 12 candy canes from Target for $1.49.

Happy Holidays, Huskies!