Three tips to hydrating skin care


Image Courtesy Pexels

Sarah Fischer

There’s nothing quite like the unsatisfying feeling of dry, dehydrated skin and during these winter months, it’ll start to become more prevalent. However, it’s a common misconception to think cold winter air is the only element that will cause damage to your skin.

There are many ways your skin can be at risk of dehydration, and it may surprise you to know you could be causing these issues yourself. Here are three ways you can keep your skin healthy and hydrated all year round:


Don’t shower as often

I know how that sounds, but showering more than once a day can strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to fight illness and stay healthy. Your skin is an important functioning organ that contributes greatly to your health and, just like the other organs in your body, it needs to be treated as such.

If you do feel the need to shower daily, bring the water temperature down considerably. After walking in the cold winter air, a steaming hot shower might seem enticing but in reality, the hot water will quickly dry out your hair and skin and strip them of their oils.



Stick to the face

Your face is more susceptible to dryness than any part of your body, so it’s a good idea to get into a routine of moisturizing your face at least twice a day. There’s a multitude of skin care products for different types of skin, and you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get them, though you typically find better quality with pricier skin care brands.

Ulta is one of my favorite places to shop for skin care products because they have high-end brands that I love, but also a selection of cheaper, yet good quality brands. My favorite skincare line is Peter Thomas Roth, but it does tend to be expensive.



Utilize at-home products

There are a couple ways you can keep a good skin care routine with products you already have in your home. One of the best and most versatile products is coconut oil. You can find it at any grocery store and aside from being a cooking oil, it also acts as a conditioner for your skin and hair. I’ve used it to shave with, I’ve bathed with it and used it as a lotion, and my skin always feels hydrated afterward.

Another home remedy is baby oil. One of my favorite ways to use this is just after a shower. After lightly drying my skin so it’s still a little damp, I disperse the baby oil over any places along my skin susceptible to dryness and let it air dry. This routine will leave your skin, for lack of a better term, smooth as a baby’s bottom.