Cute, easy Halloween makeup looks


Image Courtesy Pexels

By Abby Wisecarver

With Halloween just around the corner, most people already have their outfit ideas planned out. If you are in need of a quick outfit and makeup idea to wear to a Halloween party, here are three easy looks that’ll take no time.

The three makeup looks covered will be a vampire, cat and a spider. All makeup looks can be done using products that you already have in your makeup bag. Other than your everyday makeup, the only tools you need for each look is a liquid eyeliner, black eyeshadow and red lipstick.



Abby Wisecarver/Northern Star

If you don’t wear makeup every day, go ahead and add some foundation, brows and the basics. After you have a full face of makeup, grab a black eyeshadow and add it to the crease of the eyelid to create a smokey eye. Following this, grab an eyeliner and color in the very tip of your nose, dragging a line down through the cupids bow to connect to the lip. Then, add three small dots on each cheek followed by three lines. Add the black eyeliner to the lips for a black lip and that’s it! Puurty easy!



Abby Wisecarver/ Northern Star

Start off with base makeup and add black eyeshadow to create a sultry and sexy smokey eye. After this, grab any red lipstick, apply it to the lips and drag it down onto your chin to make it look like you’ve just had a tasty snack. That completes the vampire look, which is the easiest of all three, and you’ll look good enough someone will want to suck your blood!



Abby Wisecarver/ Northern Star

For this spooky look, again start off with base makeup and add any black eyeshadow to make a smokey eye. Use a black eyeliner to fill in the lips, and then start applying the liner to create a spider web. Choose one side of the face, and draw four lines from the corner of the eye. Then, add small lines in between them to connect them, and now you have a spiderweb on your face!

Halloween is a fun time of year when people are able to get creative with their makeup. Don’t miss out on any spooky fun this year, and give any of these super easy makeup looks a try!