Extend the Trend: Three Fall Makeup Trends

By Abby Wisecarver

Out with the bright lipsticks and in with the gold eyeshadows! There are bound to be many makeup trends that come with the changing of the season. Where beauty is concerned, makeup is constantly evolving. Here are three new trends that seem to be making their own spotlight this season.  


Gold and Glitter

Leaving summer in the dust, fall and winter help to bring out darker, sexier makeup looks. For eyeshadow, glitter golds are proving to be popular. Adding gold eyeshadow to the center of your lid will help you warm up in the chilly weather, while still looking seductive. Glitter creates a more festive appearance, and keeps the look classy and elegant.


Black Eyeliner

Many people wear eyeliner on a daily basis, but fall is the kick off for the classic winged eyeliner. Going along with gold and glitter eyeshadows, adding a thick, black wing helps to make the eyes pop. Adding a dramatic liner to any look will instantly bring more attention to they eyes!


Dark Lips

Summertime is filled with nude and pink lipsticks, so moving along to fall and winter, the lip colors get darker. Adding a dark red or maroon lipstick to any look will instantly give it a vampy feel, just in time for Halloween. Wearing a dark lip with any makeup brings the makeup look together to give it a warm fall look.


Whether you do these makeup trends in the same look or separate them, they are all bound to turn any makeup look sexy and seductive. You’re bound to like at least one of these looks, and, hopefully, you can incorporate them into your daily makeup routine.


Fall is the time of year to break out the heavy hand and go crazy with your makeup! Making it dark and vampy will help to give your makeup a darker feel this fall.