Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler wants out…again


By Associated Press

Jimmy Butler is attempting to force himself out of Minnesota after just one season, requesting a trade Tuesday to the Clippers, Nets or Knicks. 

Butler averaged 22 points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals per game last season, numbers suggesting the great team play and hounding defense he was once known for during his time in Chicago.

The Minnesota Timberwolves should be in a prime position to compete, with a young all-star big man in Karl-Anthony Towns and super athletic scoring machine Andrew Wiggins to pair with Butler’s veteran presence.

Instead, Butler has spent his only year as Minnesota’s centerpiece whining about the all-stars around him.

Wiggins’ brother Nick retweeted Sham Charania of the Athletic’s report with the comment “Hallelujah!” on his Twitter; Butler responded by posting a video on Instagram of himself doing defensive slide drills, shouting a passive aggressive “Hallelujah!” at the end.

“Old dudes stay hating like he was anything special bum ass,” Wiggins posted on Instagram, replying to Butler’s video. “I keep that same energy everywhere I go!”

Butler has a history of not getting along with fellow star players. His rise in Chicago was marred by his unwillingness to cooperate with Derrick Rose, who joined him in Minnesota last season after an uneventful stint in Cleveland.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnorowski reported that Butler is trying to get a trade to the LA Clippers, but why even bother? He has already proven that he cannot handle being on a good team with other stars.

Butler is putting himself in the same shoes as legends like George Gervin, Patrick Ewing, Shawn Kemp and Stephon Marbury: guys who could put up numbers and play an entertaining ball game, but can’t be the best player on a good team.

Jimmy Buckets will just have to settle for being the best on a bottom dweller.