School of Theatre and Dance presents Annie Baker’s ‘The Flick’

School of Theatre and Dance presents Annie Bakers The Flick

School of Theatre and Dance presents Annie Baker’s ‘The Flick’

By Amy Geldean

The School and Theatre and Dance is debuting their new performance space in the Stevens’ Building with their production of Annie Baker’s “The Flick,” 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3 through 7 in the Black Box Theatre.

“‘The Flick,’ to me, is about life in a crappy job,” Joel Ottenheimer, a third-year graduate student who plays Sam, said. “The relationships are some of the most vibrant and rich friendships you’ll ever have, but they’re conditional; you’re friends because you both work at the same place.”

The play focuses on the lives of three movie theatre ushers as they go through the daily motions of their work and form meaningful connections with each other in the process.

In 2014, the show won a Pulitzer Prize, awarded in 2014 for Drama.

“I am looking forward to being fully invested in the scenes that truly depict the faulty and kind-hearted ways of people’s actions,” sophomore BFA acting major Brandon Sapp who plays Avery said. “Acting is one of the only things that gives my life purpose and I want to inspire people through telling meaningful stories.”

He said the cast is looking forward to telling the story and hope that people can relate to the characters working in less than ideal circumstances.

“This show is one of the hardest shows I’ve ever done because the language is so contemporary” Ottenheimer said. “There are so many seemingly random ‘like’s and ‘uh’s and stuff in the script, but you have to memorize them all perfectly, or you change the meaning of the line.”