Steely Dane amps up crowd

By Peter Zemeske

Steely Dane calls themselves “the ultimate Steely Dan experience,” and expectations were exceeded 8 p.m. Friday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St.

Steely Dane began their set fashionably late, as all cool bands do, in the historically air condition-less Egyptian Theatre. The mostly older crowd of classic rock fans didn’t seem to mind the heat as their excitement took control.

Steely Dane started their set by playing one of the band’s most popular albums, “Aja,” from front to back. Before the band played, a backup singer put an “Aja” vinyl on a record player on stage to represent the sound of that record being brought to life.

The classic brand of Steely Dan’s jazz rock sounded incredible in person. Throughout the night, Steely Dane’s 13-member band showed precision and finesse, playing guitar solos, drum solos and even a bongo solo.

The frontman Dave Adler commanded the stage well with his energetic expressions. He used the space of the full stage, interacting with other band members and the crowd alike.

At one point in the night, Adler got down off stage to dance with a woman who was toward the front and on her feet.

By the end of the two and a half hour set, the crowd was ecstatic to have seen such a great cover band. Steely Dane put on a show to remember.