Students Save Money by Searching Thrift Store Racks

Ashley Hines

If you’re a college student who needs cheap clothes, there’s a simple option: thrifting. This method of shopping allows you to buy used clothes for an affordable price at a secondhand shop.

Before you begin to thrift shop, there are certain steps you should take. The first one is to know what exactly you’re looking for, whether it’s jeans or an old sweater. Walk into that thrift store with a purpose!

Most stores often contain large sections, so it’s important to know your size since the store tends to have a scattered layout. Many stores, such as Salvation Army and Goodwill, will have sizes labeled so it makes shopping more convenient for the customers.

Remember to have an open mind. By doing this, you won’t confine yourself to something specific that you may not find in the end. Staying positive will allow you to be more open to other options as well because you’ll find unique, eye-catching items.

Lastly, try to remember that items are not always fully cleaned. If you’ve found an article of clothing you absolutely love, make sure you wash it first.

Sophomore business major Cody Bradshaw said, “A good deal, isn’t that the point, looking for something that’s not as expensive as a real thing.”

Being a college student, I will take all the deals I can get, especially when it comes to clothes. I usually hem or make the items I purchase into something that fits my own personal taste. Assuming that people love a good deal, you should try thrifting. It can open your mind to try new outfits because of the good deals!