Burritoville introduces food truck

By Jessie Kern

DeKALB — Burritoville is hoping to roll out their new food truck this week after waiting on approval from the city for several weeks.

The city of DeKalb has multiple rules and regulations for operating a food vending truck which can be found in chapter 33, “Peddlers, Solicitors and Itinerant Merchants,” of the Municipal Code.

The application for peddlers, solicitors and itinerant merchants has a $25 fee and background check fee of $30. Food vendors are also required to pay a monthly $50 fee to operate a food truck in DeKalb.

Irving Galvan, Burritoville manager and co-owner of the food truck, said the background check vendors have to be fingerprinted by the DeKalb Police Department.

Rodolfo Galvan, owner of Burritoville and co-owner of the food truck, said the truck has been sitting in the parking lot for over a month and they will not be able to use it until they receive approval from the city.

“The main process that’s been taking forever is just the process of the city, how they work their things with fingerprinting,” Irving said. “Their process is a long one. We’re only waiting for it for us to start working.”

Irving said because Burritoville has been in business for 27 years they knew what expectations the food truck needed from the health department side. He said the health department has approved the truck and provided the certificate.

“So we’re just waiting for the city to give us the okay and let us start it up,” Irving said.

Irving said the food truck is an investment, but having it sitting in the parking lot is not working. He said the application to operate the truck was submitted at least a month ago and having already been fingerprinted by the police department they are waiting for the results.

“I’ll tell you, [DeKalb] is a lot more strict than Sycamore,” said Rudy Lopez, of DeKalb.

Lopez said the city of DeKalb requires food trucks to have a fire suppression system, whereas Sycamore does not. He said the system goes above the cooking area and automatically dispenses a powder to put out possible fires.

“[The food truck] is real nice, from a scale from one to 10 it’s an 11,” Lopez said. “It’s really well equipped.”

Plans for business

Although the food truck is not yet in use, plans have and are being made for where it will be operated.

As stated in the Municipal Code, chapter 33.13, section F, food or beverage vending vehicles cannot operate on private property without the permission of the property owner.

“We have a location on DeKalb Avenue that we’re working on and we also have a location night time over here at Illini Tire on Lincoln Highway,” Irving said. “We have to get permission from the owner of the property so we already got those permissions.”

Irving said the location at Illini Tire Co., 1031 W Lincoln Highway, is a good place for business because it is located right between the two bars on Lincoln Highway.

Molly’s Eatery and Drinkery, 1000 W Lincoln Highway, and Fatty’s Pub and Grill, 1312 W Lincoln Highway, are located on either side of Illini Tire Co.

“So we’re trying to get more crowd over there from both sides, whoever doesn’t live on this side of town,” Irving said.

Irving said the food truck will be at the park district during the Fourth of July and also at Corn Fest from Aug. 24 through the 26.

Lopez said the food truck will also be in Sycamore for some of the festivities happening there.

Irving said the hope is to be able to have the truck at sporting events and Homecoming at NIU. He said they will need to obtain permission from the university in order to do so.

“Hopefully NIU lets us attend football games and soccer games, anything,” Irving said. “Especially Homecoming, something we can help everybody celebrate.”