Extend the Trend: Bow Eyebrows

By Abby Wisecarver

One thing I’ve learned throughout this year’s trending beauty is that you’re either a fan or you’re not. If you’re someone who keeps up with the ridiculous eyebrow trends making waves in the oceans of pop culture beauty, you’ve probably heard of festive bow-shaped eyebrows. The attention-seeking eyebrow mold is sure to catch someone’s eye and maybe even make some eyes roll!

Created by a Liz, a self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast of Instagram, this eyebrow look is going to have heads turning. “Since brow trends became very popular the last weeks I thought about inventing my own brow trend,” says Liz in her post where she debuts her new trendy new facial hair. This look is definitely something we haven’t seen before, so Liz gets points for creativity.

However, what the look gets in creativity, it lacks in everything else. My personal take on these eyebrows is they never should have happened. I hate these brows and I don’t understand where anyone would be able to wear them. Save the bows for wrapping presents!

While the look may only be just for fun, eyebrow trends keep getting crazier and out-of-the-box; it needs to stop! Why can’t we keep eyebrows looking like normal eyebrows? Keep this particular eyebrow look off of your face. It’s just a fad on Instagram.